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Experience the 30,000 Ft. Difference

Precision. Clarity. Collaboration.

Throughout the financial planning process, we work collaboratively with you to navigate the complex landscape of your BAE Compensation packages with precision and clarity.

  • Provide help in deciding on an Asset Allocation suited to your actual retirement plan.
  • Help select your ideal ratio of IRA to Roth IRA assets matched to your unique retirement plan.
  • Thoroughly explore your BAE retirement options.

 We take you HIGH enough to see the decision that is right for you.

Our Proven Process for BAE employees

Together we make better decisions.

Your career path has proven you can handle much more than the average person, but why do it on your own when you can collaborate with an experienced fiduciary? We’ve been assisting employees with their retirement decisions since our inception applying a clear, logical perspective to each individual’s investment decisions. You dictate the pace of your planning while we reveal strategies within your 401(k) you didn’t even know existed.

Investigate the possibility of working with your own fiduciary partner.


Learn why so many choose 30,000 Ft. Wealth Management as their premier financial advisory partner.

Come challenge us with your toughest questions.  Specifically taking into account your exact challenges, our aim is to broaden your perspective. You will leave with a greater understanding of the possibilities your future holds.

Topics Include:

  • The use of Roth in a six-figure retirement
  • Matching Asset Allocation directly to your retirement plan
  • Collaborative approach to your decisions
  • How to plan to spend more while young in retirement
  • An opportunity to ask questions of a fiduciary

Webinar neither sponsored nor endorsed by BAE Systems sponsored by 30,000 Ft. Wealth Management Advisory Services.

Our Mission

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